Advisory Board

First and foremost, we want Jesus to lead the Stirring. Sounds like the obvious answer, but this simple statement puts on display our posture in leadership. At the core, our leadership role is to seek God, to see where He is moving, to follow Him, and to bring others with them.

As a church, we are Staff-Directed and Board-Protected. The Staff drives the vision, while the Board protects the vision. The main role of the Advisory Board is to protect, advise and give consent to vision and financial decision made within the church. The Advisory Board oversees the calling and commissioning of the Lead Pastor, prepares and gives final approval to the annual budget with the assistance of the staff, oversees long-range financial planning for the church, reviews all staff salaries, and provides for the care and maintenance of all properties owned by the church. We are so grateful for those who have committed to serve on our Advisory Board.

With that said, we are convinced that church leadership is meant to be carried as a team. From our Advisory Board to our Staff and Leadership structure within the Stirring, we are huge fans of the team approach. As we’ve said many times, we refuse to be a Superman Church, but rather an X-Men Church, where everyone is encouraged to come alive in the role and gifting God has given. This provides for a stronger leadership with stability, strengths and ultimately, decisions made with a broader perspective and greater accountability.

We believe that every follower of Jesus has a role to play in God’s Kingdom. That each person is uniquely made and equipped for the ministry that God has put before us. From the early days, we’ve been a church led largely by people like you and me…people simply stepping into their role as ministers of Jesus. We invite you to find your place in this community and to step into the unique role that God has called you to.


Willie Cox

willieWhen I met Heide in college in 1977, I had no idea what direction my life would take. It wasn’t on my radar to be living for Jesus, but as we dated, heide introduced me to Him, and I’ve never looked back! We were married in 1978 and I became involved at her church in San Pedro. I was mentored for 10 years by our Pastor and very close friend, Paul Anderson. He mirrored for me the kind of life that is sold out to follow Jesus and live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I’m still figuring out how to live that for myself (36 years later), but I’m so thankful for the time he spent sowing truth into my life.

I was a police officer in Hermosa Beach for 10 years and in 1988, we sold our house and God allowed us to move to the North State. We built our home in Shingletown, while I was the Shasta County Resident Deputy on the hill. I was with the Sheriff’s Dept. for 16 years… my favorite position, was in the detective bureau.

In 2003, our lives were drastically altered.  I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I couldn’t perform the duties expected of a police officer, so I had to retire.  I’m so thankful for the body of Christ, who came along side and helped us navigate through the rough waters we experienced for the next few years.  In July of 2010, I had DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery. It gave me back much needed mobility and life.

We started attending the Stirring (at the urging of our daughter and SIL Christie and James Struble) in April of 2009 (the same week our 1st granddaughter was born). They had been enjoying TS for years, and thought we would love it. We felt so at home from the beginning. We were definitely “older” than most attending, but we felt loved and wanted, so we stayed. We love the worship and the teaching and the freedom to be who we are in Jesus. We love that the Stirring has become family to us.

I love my own family, too. We have two children, and four grandkids.  Our son, Caleb, is the worship pastor at Paradise CMA, along with his wife Becky and daughters, Jenna and Bella. Our daughter, Christie, with her husband, James, and daughters, Jenny and Leala, also live in Shingletown. Christie is a jeweler with Premier Designs, a Christian company based in Texas. Do you know that our four little grandgirls have me wrapped around their cute little pinkies???

We feel our call in this season is to PRAY, and to love our family, and love God’s family, love the people He puts into our lives, and serve Him wherever He leads.


Bryan Erickson

Bio Coming Soon


Marty Moseley Sr.

martyMimi and I grew up in the south and married in 1978. God directed Marty’s career and led us to the Silicon Valley in 1989, where we were involved in various leadership ministries in a local church until our move to Redding in 2009.

We knew we were called to The Stirring before we settled in Redding, having visited this vibrant faith community before it was called The Stirring. Both our sons and their families were located in Redding and attending the gatherings, our younger son, Matthew, was also one of the founding members. From the early 2000’s we have loved what God has been doing in and through Redding, and wanted to be a part of what He was building.

When we came to Redding, we laid aside all prior ministries and came with hands wide open and “yes” on our lips. Whew knew that we would be called to be “Mom and Dad” by the generations coming behind us? We have thrown ourselves into those roles and love our calling in the greater Church of Redding. We intend to give all that we have to the following generations to call them, equip them, encourage them, push them, invite them, remind them, embrace them, love them, and celebrate their lives!