Emerge 2017-2018 Dates

EMERGE 2017-2018 DATES:

August 25 – Kick Off BBQ – 6:30-9:30pm at 1801 Shady Lane

September 15th – Emerge Launch 9am-9pm at Risen King   

September 16th – 9am-5pm at Swazey Recreation Area

October 12 – 6:30pm

November 9 – 6:30pm

December 14 – 6:300pm

January 11-13 – Deeper Life Retreat

February 8 – 6:30pm

March 8 – 6:30pm

April 12 – 6:30pm

May 10 – 6:30pm

In addition to these monthly dates you will need to plan on every first and third Thursday evening of the month to be given to meeting with your Tribe (Small group).  There is the possibility the day could change depending on those we have helping to facilitate these times.  Please be aware that Emerge will require three nights a month of your time, including our monthly Emerge gathering.  We will endeavor to schedule these meetings as far in advance as possible and with as much regularity as possible.  

As part of your service during your Emerge year you will be asked to participate in a field trip.  This field trip may require 1-3 days of your time within the Emerge year.  

We believe that your full participation with all that we do in Emerge is of utmost importance.  While we hold as a value a schedule that makes it possible for people in all seasons of life to participate with Emerge, it will require a sacrifice of your time, and your willingness to commit wholeheartedly to our entire schedule of events.  You will get a return on your investment, however, you will have to invest to gain the return.