What is House Church?

The church is not a place, a name, a building, or a program. The church is people. Simply put, House Church is how we live out the way of Jesus together. In the early church, Jesus’ disciples met intentionally from home to home, reading Scripture, breaking bread, praying together, and celebrating life in Jesus. Together, they gave themselves fully to Jesus and His coming Kingdom. 2000 years later, we are committing ourselves to the same thing. For us, it’s all about everyday, ordinary people committed to live out Kingdom life together, in living rooms, coffee shops, dorm rooms, and wherever people can gather. Ultimately, our desire is for House Church to become a way of life.

Join a House Church

For those of you who feel ready to join one of our House Church families, go for it. Begin meeting weekly, eat a meal together, read Scripture, discuss the weekly Stirring message, share stories, celebrate what Jesus is doing in your lives, and pray together. Be intentional, keep it simple and wrap it all around Jesus. More than anything, we feel called to love and make disciples. Beyond simply going deeper with God and each other, we encourage and expect our House Church families to embrace God’s mission to love people where they are and disciple people into who they are. Get into community. Take a risk. Share your life. Be on mission. Make it your life.

Current House Churches:

Willie & Heide Cox  | George & Adelle Hall | Shingletown, CA
Mondays 5:30PM | Kids Welcome

Matt & Anna Moseley | Brett & Emily Faulknor | Love After Marriage Course
Married or Engaged Couples Only – Redding, CA
530-921-4065 | rachael@thestirring.org
Mondays 7:00PM | No Kids

Matt & Joy Jones | Kim & Billy Scott
19201 Nike Ct. Redding, CA
530-440-8692 | matthewsjones7@gmail.com
Tuesdays 6:30PM | No Kids

Melissa & Travis Foster
23050 Somerset Dr. Bella Vista, CA
530-227-9361 | melissafoster87@gmail.com
Wednesdays 6:30PM | No Kids

Don & Julia Screechfield
3310 Sioux Dr. Shasta Lake, CA
530-949-0438 | thejourneywithdon@gmail.com
Wednesdays 7:00PM | No Kids

Marissa Fuller & Hannah Pugal
1664 Lacey Lane Redding CA
530-333-5173 | the.marissa.fuller@gmail.com
Every other Thursday at 6:30PM | kids welcome

April Brown | Cody Markhart | Wild Hearts
530-410-7179 | aprilbrownfamily@gmail.comcody@markhartdesign.com
Off Shasta View Redding, CA
Thursdays 6:00PM | Kids Welcome

Michael & Sharron Druey
2930 Pioneer Dr. Redding, CA
530-774-5352 | 530-774-5355 mikedruey@gmail.com
Thursdays 5:30PM | Kids Welcome

Chris & Marcia Braun | Aaron & Elizabeth Wolff
2110 Harvard Way Redding, CA
530-604-5942 | 530-209-6932 | marciarbraun@gmail.com | sharrondruey@gmail.com
Thursdays 5:30PM | Kids Welcome 

Jack & Kathy Carpenter
700 Charlene Way Redding, CA
530-227-8933 | jax2aces@yahoo.com
Thursday 6:00PM | No Kids

Shane & Jennifer Bettes | Ryan & Rachael Reuther
3385 Capricorn Way Redding, CA
530-953-8528 | 530-921-4065 | shanejenmase@sbcglobal.net
Every other Friday 6:00PM | Kids Welcome

Josh & Katie Watkins | Brad & Rebecca Baker
1750 Tiger Eye Rd. Redding, CA
530-262-7311 | joshgwatkins@gmail.com
Fridays 6:00PM | Kids Welcome

For those interested in leading, co-leading or hosting a House Church, click HERE so we can connect with you.