What is House Church?

The church is not a place, a name, a building, or a program. The church is people. Simply put, House Church is how we live out the way of Jesus together. In the early church, Jesus’ disciples met intentionally from home to home, reading Scripture, breaking bread, praying together, and celebrating life in Jesus. Together, they gave themselves fully to Jesus and His coming Kingdom. 2000 years later, we are committing ourselves to the same thing. For us, it’s all about everyday, ordinary people committed to live out Kingdom life together, in living rooms, coffee shops, dorm rooms, and wherever people can gather. Ultimately, our desire is for House Church to become a way of life.

Join a House Church

For those of you who feel ready to join one of our House Church families, go for it. Begin meeting weekly, eat a meal together, read Scripture, discuss the weekly Stirring message, share stories, celebrate what Jesus is doing in your lives, and pray together. Be intentional, keep it simple and wrap it all around Jesus. More than anything, we feel called to love and make disciples. Get into community. Take a risk. Share your life. Be on mission. Make it your life.

House Churches

Brian and Ashley Cobbler with Vasily and Bethany Mariano
Sundays 6:00pm  
7408 Bridge Ln., Redding 
Romans Study 
No Kids Please 

Matt and Anna Moseley
Mondays 7:30pm
Love After Marriage 
No Kids Please 
*This group is full. To sign up for the next round, please email Rachael

Cary and Sherie Moore with Ken and Marissa Young
Tuesdays 6:30pm
3270 Cockerill Dr., Redding
Blended families and single parents.
No Kids Please 

Steve and Holly Heleniak
Every other Wednesday 6:00pm 
1117 5th St., Redding
Kids welcome. Please email for schedule. 

Tim and Jessica Linnet
Every other Wednesday at 5:30pm
4185 Brittany Dr., Redding
A family friendly time for people to connect
Kids Welcome. Email for schedule.

Chris and Marcia Braun with Liz and Aaron Wolff
Thursdays at 6:00pm (starts Sept 21st)
2110 Harvard, Redding
Potluck, Sunday’s Message
Kids Welcome

Jack and Kathy Carpenter
Thursdays 6:00pm
700 Charlene Way, Redding
Potluck, Book Study and Prayer
No Kids Please 

Shane and Jennifer Bettes with Tyler and Shanda Light
Every other Friday 6:00pm
2957 Squire Ave., Redding
Hearing Gods Voice
Kids welcome


Willie and Heide Cox with George and Adelle Hall
On break until March, 2018; Caroling event in December. 
Food, fun and family fellowship!
Kids Welcome


Hannah Pugel and Debbie Knabb
Mondays 6:30pm
1664 Lacey Ln., Redding
Women Only 
Prayer Focused
No Kids Please 


Aaron Holmes and Will Mitchell
Every other Thursdays 7:00p 
5250 E. Bonnyview Rd., Redding
Men Only 
No Kids Please. Email for schedule.


Jay and Erinn Urena
Mondays at 6:30pm
1552 Whistling Drive, Redding
No kids please


Men’s Journey Group
Thursdays at 6am
Led by Tim Nickolson 
Catalyst center office

Men’s Journey Group
Thursdays at 7pm
Led by Dennis Shepherd
Catalyst Center office

Couples Journey Group
Wednesdays at 7pm
Led by Dennis Shepherd
Catalyst Center office.



For those interested in leading, co-leading, or hosting a House Church, click HERE so we can connect with you.