New to the Stirring


Whether you just stumbled across our web page, or you saw one of our bumper stickers on a car, or you visited one of our weekend gatherings and are a little curious about who we are, we are glad you’re here. Our hope is after you get to know us that you would quickly become apart of the Stirring family. So please spend some time snooping around our site to see what you think.

Get to know us better:

1. Read our story about how the Stirring began and how we came to be who we are today.

2. Our church can be summed up in five words: We love. We make disciples. Read about our Mission as a church. This is why we believe God has placed the Stirring in Redding.

3. If you have questions about what we believe, you will want to read this.

4. Meet our staff and find out who we are.

Check out our next Stirring Life Newcomer Gathering:

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Stirring and what it means to join the family, please join us for one of our Stirring Life gatherings. In this casual meeting with our pastors, we share with you where we’ve been as a church, where we’re going and what matters most to us.  For those who feel new to the Stirring, this is a chance to connect a bit deeper with our leadership team and ask all those questions you’ve been wanting to ask. For more information about or to RSVP to the next Stirring Life, contact Jan at

Thursday, March 26th| 6:30PM | 1777 Gold Hills Drive

Get connected to what we are doing in our House Churches:

Get plugged in and learn more here.