Our Story

Every community has a story. Though we’d rather film a movie about ours, a couple paragraphs will have to do.

In January 2007, we launched the Stirring Church as a church plant out of Risen King Community Church. Just a handful of friends, we dreamed of an authentic community of Jesus followers that would engage our city with the message and life of Jesus Christ in the most creative ways possible.

From our first gathering in the gym, so many years ago, the Stirring’s unique personality has continued to emerge.

We are worshippers.
We are dreamers.
We are artists.
We are creative.
We are volunteers.
We are flexible.
We are old.
We are young.
We are baristas.
We are doctors.
We are lovers.
We are friends.
We are family.

Over these past years, God has brought so many amazing children, servants, families, couples and students into our community. They are so ready to give themselves to this Jesus life. We are so proud of our team. Not only that, we’re learning how church is so much more than just a chair. We are family. Every day, we’re learning how to be the kind of family that brings hope to the world around us.

As a community, we realize we are so much more than just a church; we are a church planting movement. We are convinced that developing leaders and planting churches is the most effective way to engage our city with the message and life of Jesus Christ. We have a passion to equip leaders who have a passion to plant churches.

As we’ve prayed and chased after God, we’ve seen God move in profound ways. We’ve seen God answer countless prayers. We’ve seen God do the impossible. And more than anything, we’ve seen God change so many lives.

And we realize that from the beginning, we’ve been part of a much bigger story than our own, God’s movement on earth called the Church. Every day, we’re reminded that this is His church, not ours. Jesus Christ is leading His church. We’re just learning how to follow and we like it that way.

The Stirring story is still being written each and every day. Each person we meet, including you, becomes a part of this story and changes it through who they are and who they become.