Resource List

Redding Resources and Therapist Referrals

This list gives you the names and phone numbers of Therapists and Resources in the Redding area. The Stirring refers counseling issues, which require a professional, to local therapists/counselors. If needed, please fill out a Care Form and we will contact you to assist as needed.


Individual/Marriage/Couples/Family/Children Therapists


Dunamis Center:                          530-338-0087

Jill Piercy Clark, MFTI

Susan Rhyne, LMFT

Jason Hodgson, LPC, NCC

Carol Chan, LMFT

Patsy Shealy, Phd., LMFT

Justin Dobrenz, LMFT


Doug Porter, LMFT                     530-246-8317

Nathan Read, LMFT                    530-229-7744

Beverly Klaiber, LMFT               530-515-1500 or 530-226-4667   (Simpson)

Anna Fransden, MFTI               530-226-4667

Chris Scott, LMFT                      530-356-5954

Creekside Counseling                 530-722-9957

Family Dynamics                        530-242-9007

Don Ostendorf Center for Counseling 530-241-5999

Neighborhood Church               530-221-0267

Northern Valley Catholic Social Services            530-247-3342 (Children)

Redding Christian- Higher Ground Counseling   530-941-9003


Life Coach

Sheryl Bullock   805-402-0484

Domestic Abuse

One Safe Place         530-244-0117 Crisis Line


Visions of the Cross            530-722-1114

Good News Rescue Mission     530-241-5754

Empire Recovery (Resident Program)


Pastoral Care Team

Jim Bailey        

Dennis Shepherd

Jan Shepherd                                                                               03/17