Stirring Covenant


We believe following Jesus happens in family.  When Jesus invites us to follow Him, we are welcomed into family. We are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters.  As the church, we are one big messy family.

From the teachings of Jesus, we find that being a healthy family requires a deep commitment.  At the stirring, we call this commitment to family a “covenant.”  This idea of covenant comes from the ancient Jewish Culture where covenant was the binding agreement in which those “in” covenant made vows and carried certain responsibilities to uphold that relationship.  What makes covenant a bit deeper than a simple agreement is that covenant implies meaningful relationship.  Being “in” covenant binds us together as family.  Covenant moves us beyond simply attending church and sitting in pews.

All throughout Scripture, our God reveals Himself as a covenant God.  As His people, God binds Himself to us in a covenant of everlasting love.  Because of God’s love and commitment to us as His children, He calls us not only to follow Him, but also to plant ourselves in a local church family.

At the Stirring, our hope is to recapture this meaningful concept of covenant.  We are convinced that family happens best “in” covenant.  If you are a follower of Jesus, we invite you to be “in” Covenant with the Stirring Community.

When joining Covenant with the Stirring, you are committing to 3 things: Life with Jesus, Life in Family and Life on mission.  Throughout the year, we set aside certain Covenant Sundays in which we publicly welcome disciples to join our family to live out the mission God has given to us.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Stirring and what it means to be “in” covenant, please join us for one of our Stirring Life Newcomers Gatherings. In this casual meeting with our pastors, we share with you where we’ve been as a church, where we’re going and what matters most to us.  For who feel new to the Stirring, this is a chance to connect a bit deeper with our leadership team and learn what it means to join the family at the Stirring.

For more information about our Stirring Life gatherings contact the Stirring office at

Thursday, May 8th | 6:30PM | 1777 Gold Hills Drive
Thursday, July 17th | 6:30PM
Thursday, August 12th | 6:30PM
Thursday, September 25th | 6:30PM
Thursday, October 7th | 6:30PM
Thursday, November 6th | 6:30PM
Thursday, January 22nd | 6:30PM