Stirring Kids


It’s about kids. Having a blast, being creative, interacting, and learning how to love God, each other, the world and the least. More than anything, it’s our heart to create an environment where kids feel safe to have fun, to grow in their relationship with Jesus, and to become everything God has created them to be. While in the classroom, children will experience God’s love through worship, relationships, activities, and creative Bible stories.

The Stirring Kids meet Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. at 2250 Churn Creek. We welcome infants through the 5th grade.

Your kids are safe at the Stirring

If you’re interested in volunteering with The Stirring Kids please fill out this Kid’s Leadership Application

Every Stirring Kid’s teacher and helper must meet these requirements:

  1. Attend the Stirring for a minimum of 4 months. If not, they must have a letter of recommendation from previous ministry experience.
  2. Fill out the Stirring Kid’s Application. This application includes beliefs, past experience, personal reference, and reasons for wanting to serve.
  3. We check every name through the Child Abuse Registry. NO applicant is ever permitted to be with children if they’ve been arrested for child abuse.
  4. We meet with every teacher and helper to discuss the direction and vision of the Stirring Kid’s ministry.
  5. Every new worker will be supervised on a regular basis.
  6. The Never Alone Policy is strictly enforced. Adults are never alone with children.
  7. Every teacher and helper is required to wear a Stirring name tag, verifying they have been screened for work in the Stirring Kid’s Ministry.

Because our children are so important to us, we go to GREAT LENGTHS to ensure your child’s SAFETY and CARE.

Check-in Policy

You will find our check-in area at the entrance of the Stirring Kids hallway. If you are a first-time guest at the Stirring, there is a team of people that are present on Sunday to assist with the check-in process. Each child receives a nametag with their classroom, any allergies and family ID number on it. Parents receive a tag with the family ID number on it as well. If needed during the service, the family ID number will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen in the main space. At this time, a parent needs to return to their child’s classroom.

For safety purposes, parents must present their portion of the tag with the family ID number on it when picking up their child. Children will NOT be released to any adult without a matching family ID number. 

Sickness Policy

If your child is sick or not feeling well, we ask that you refrain from bringing him/her to the Stirring Kids. Out of consideration to our kids, families and volunteers, our guidelines require that children who are ill will not be allowed into nursery or classrooms. This includes any children experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Fever over 100.4
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin rashes or eruptions
  • Coughing associated with a respiratory infection
  • Runny nose which has a yellow or green discharge
  • Pinkeye, which is often accompanied by a yellow/green discharge or thick drainage from the eye
  • Parasites such as nits, lice, mites, or ringworm
  • Drainage, in any form, from the ear

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