Under the Chuppah


Under the Chuppah

An eight-week teaching series through the book the Song of Songs for singles and students, whether friends, dating, preparing for marriage, or newly married, pursuing God’s good and wild design for love, sex and everything in between.Years ago, Solomon’s Song of Songs captured our heart, with it’s display of passionate love, romantic pursuit, wild sex and of course, raisin cakes. So raw and risqué in its day that even young Jewish boys weren’t allowed to get their teenage hands on it.  After years of walking and working with young adults, we’re convinced this ancient 3000 year-old poem is more desperately needed in our culture today than ever.  If you’re single, dating, engaged or married, this teaching series will help to prepare you for God’s good and wild design for love, sex and marriage. If you’re a leader, mentor, teacher or parent, this teaching series has been designed to help you walk with a generation into God’s good and wild design for love, sex and marriage.  It is our conviction now more than ever that the Church must take seriously its calling to disciple and walk with this next generation into love’s joy-and-pain filled journey.  If love truly is the brightest kind of flame as described in the Song of Songs, then it’s time for a generation to show the world what God intends for love, sex and marriage.

Finally, this UTC journey is meant to be a shared journey.  We encourage you to listen to these messages and discuss them with friends.  Love is most divine and fulfilled when expressed and enjoyed in community.  As you adventure together, may God flood you with hope and fill you with courage as you come to know and experience love in the deepest and most joyous of ways.

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