Upcoming Events

Stirring Coffeehouse
Mondays-Thursdays | 6:30AM-4:30PM
Fridays | 6:30AM-9PM
Saturdays | 8AM-2PM

House Church
The church is not a place, a name, a building, or a program. The church is people; gathering together, reading Scripture, breaking bread, praying for God’s heart, and celebrating new life in Jesus. Join the family and get into a House Church. Learn more HERE

The After Party | Graduation Party
For all those seniors that graduated high school this past May, we want
to throw you a party and celebrate you. Our vision is to connect you
to the young adult community and to keep you posted on all upcoming events. Please RSVP to .
Thursday, August 25th | 6PM |2110 Harvard Way 96003

Mama’s & Papa’s | Potluck Lunch
When we planted the Stirring Church years ago with a vision to reach and disciple this next generation, we prayed and asked God to prepare and lead spiritual Mama’s and Papa’s to join our growing Stirring family. More than ever, we understand our need for the wisdom, courage, and blessing that comes from active spiritual parents engaging young men and women. For those who feel just a bit older at the Stirring, we invite you to join our community of Mama’s & Papa’s. Please RSVP to Heide Cox at .
Sunday, September 11th | 1:30PM-3:30PM | Front Room

The Bible Study Project
Join us as we equip young adults to read the Bible in creative and insightful ways. It’s a 4 week workshop where young adults will receive practical tools to study the Bible. Space is limited so please register ASAP, HERE. The location will be downtown and the cost will be $10. If you have any questions feel free to email youngadults@thestirring.org.
Every Wednesday | September 14th-October 5th | 6PM | 1327 Tehama St. at “Come Work Redding”

Deeper Life Class
For those who are ready to develop a deeper relationship with God, join us for five week class designed to inspire as well as give you practical keys to spiritual growth. Jim Bailey will be sharing his top five keys to building greater connectivity and clues to overcoming obstacles to intimacy with God. Cost is $25.00 to attend. For more questions, contact Jan at Jan@thestirring.org or Jim at Jim@thestirring.org. Sign up, HERE.
Every Tuesday | September 27th-October 25th | 6:30PM | theStirring

Refresh | Women’s Retreat
We invite you to come be apart of our Women’s “Refresh” Retreat as we rest, play, worship and be together with the Lord and one another. Our focus is for Holy Spirit to refresh our hearts and meet the dry, thirsty, and weary places in us with the fullness of Himself. Cost of event is $155.00. Sign up, HERE.
Septmeber 30th – October 2nd | Windsor Inn Ashland, OR

Child Dedications
A public sign that parents are seeking to raise their children in the ways of Jesus, set them apart, and present them to God. For more info, contact us at kids@thestirring.org. Sign up, HERE.
Sunday, October 16th |8:30AM // 10AM // 11:30AM | the Stirring

Stirring Life
For those interested in hearing more about the Stirring & what it means to join the family. Come to a casual evening with our leadership team to hear our hearts & ask all those questions you’ve been wanting to ask. Please RSVP HERE.
Thursday, November 10th | 6:30PM | 1777 Gold Hills Drive

Poets & Preachers
Hope begins with a voice.
We are thrilled to announce the dates for our upcoming Poets & Preachers Conference.
February 16-18th, 2017 | theStirring
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