Upcoming Events


Catalyst Initiative
Partner with us as we raise the $400,000 needed to meet our financial goal, to open the Catalyst Center, to invest in our City’s youth, and to impact our City’s future. Thank you for your generosity. Click here to join the initiative.  Click here to volunteer your time. 

Stirring Coffeehouse
Mondays-Thursdays | 6:30AM-4:30PM
Fridays | 6:30AM-Midnight
Saturdays | 8AM-2PM

House Church
The church is not a place, a name, a building, or a program. The church is people; gathering together, reading Scripture, breaking bread, praying for God’s heart, and celebrating new life in Jesus. Join the family and get into a House Church. Learn more HERE

Ultimate Frisbee & BBQ | Monday Nights in May
Come be apart of a fun BBQ and game of Ultimate Frisbee with our church family. This will be our last night together for this event. We will provide the grill and you bring your own food for your family. For more info, email Cami at cami@thestirring.org
Join us for the last night | 5:30PM | North of Enterprise Park

M48 | Men’s Event
Join us for three days of adventure, dynamic stories, vision casting, relationship building, worship, engaging, & connection! Men it’s time to come “ALIVE!” Register HERE. Event is $70. For more info email, Joshua.cannelora@gmail.com
June 24-26 | check-in 4PM | Mountain Meadows Bible Camp

Stirring Life
For those interested in hearing more about the Stirring & what it means to join the family. Come to a casual evening with our leadership team to hear our hearts & ask all those questions you’ve been wanting to ask. Please RSVP HERE.
Thursday, July 21st | 6:30PM | 1777 Gold Hills Drive

BBQ & Baptisms 
Join us for an evening of BBQ, family hang time, and celebrating new life In Christ through baptism. Bring your own picnic for your family. We’ll provide the drinks. 
Saturday, July 23rd | 4PM-8PM | Brandy Creek at Whiskeytown Lake

Child Dedications
A public sign that parents are seeking to raise their children in the ways of Jesus, set them apart, and present them to God. For more info, contact us at kids@thestirring.org. Sign up HERE.
Sunday, October 16th |8:30AM, 10AM, & 11:30AM | the Stirring

the Shack | Living Hope Compassion Ministries 
Support the cause and enjoy a lunch served with fresh organic ingredients from Living Hope’s own garden managed by former homeless clients. 100% of all proceeds help to employ and restore the homeless within our city.
Sunday, September 18th | 11AM – 2PM | the Stirring