Upcoming Events


Church Office Hours
Tuesday-Friday 9AM-5PM

Stirring Coffeehouse
Mondays-Thursdays | 6:30AM-4:30PM
Fridays | 6:30AM-12AM
Saturdays | 8AM-2PM

House Church
The church is not a place , a name, a building, or a program. The church is people; everyday, ordinary people, committed to live out kingdom life together, in living rooms, coffee shops, and wherever they can gather. Take a risk, share your life, join our family. Learn more HERE
September 11th – Decemeber 4th

Bible Study Project | Book of Ephesians
Join us as we equip young adults to read the Bible in creative and insightful ways. It’s a 4 week workshop where young adults will receive practical tools to study the Bible. Space is limited so please register asap HERE. The cost will be $15.
Every Wednesday | Jan. 4th-25th | 6PM | 1250 California St. 

Ten Days of Prayer
Join us as we gather in homes throughout our city to worship, pray, and celebrate for ten nights leading up to our Ten Year Anniversary. 
January 5th-14th | 6PM-8PM
5th – Josiah and Heather Haddleton 4185 Brittany Dr. Redding, CA 96002
6th – Travis & Melissa Foster |23050 Somerset Drive Bella Vista, CA 96008
7th – Josh & Gloria Cannelora | 3538 Dune St. Redding, CA 96002
8th – Billy & Kim Scott | 19201 Nike Ct., Redding, CA
9th – Mike and Fontella Cruz | Open Table (young adults only)|3695 Laver ct. Redding, CA 96002 
10th – Shane & Jennifer Bettes | 2957 Squire Ave. Redding, CA 96002 
11th – Ryan & Rachael Reuther | 3385 Capricorn Way Redding, CA 96002 
12th – Jeremy & Meghan Edwardson | 2338 El Vista st. Redding, CA 96002
13th – Tim & Kerri Loomis | 1801 Shady Lane Redding, CA 96002
14th – Gil Moegerle | 22690 Elk Trail East Redding, CA 96003

Ten-Year Anniversary
Celebrating ten years of family, friendship, risk, and encounter.
January 15th | 8:30AM // 10AM // 11:30AM

Ladies Worship Night
Join us ladies for an evening of worship as we celebrate the beginning of a New Year. 
Monday, January 23rd | 6:30PM | theStirring
Stirring Life | Newcomer’s Gathering
For those interested in hearing more about the Stirring & what it means to join the family. Come to a casual evening with our leadership team to hear our hearts & ask all those questions you’ve been wanting to ask. Please RSVP HERE.
Thursday, January 26th | 6:30PM | 1777 Gold Hills Drive

Child Dedications
A public sign that parents are seeking to raise their children in the ways of Jesus, set them apart, and present them to God. For more info, contact us at allison@thestirring.org or josh@thestirring.org. Sign up, HERE.
Sunday, January 29th | 8:30AM // 10AM // 11:30AM | theStirring

Mama’s & Papa’s | Potluck Lunch
When we planted the Stirring Church years ago with a vision to reach and disciple this next generation, we prayed and asked God to prepare and lead spiritual Mama’s and Papa’s to join our growing Stirring family. More than ever, we understand our need for the wisdom, courage, and blessing that comes from active spiritual parents engaging young men and women. For those who feel just a bit older at the Stirring, we invite you to join our community of Mama’s & Papa’s. Please RSVP to Heide Cox at hiwillie@frontiernet.net.
Sunday, January 29th | 1:30PM-3:30PM | Front Room

Open Table | Young Adults
For those young adults seeking community and looking to get connected. The first Monday of every month we will be meeting at 6pm to have food, share stories, fire pit it up, and talk about what God is doing with the young adults at the Stirring. Bring yourself, some food (if you want), and a friend. If you have any questions please email youngadults@thestirring.org. Register HERE to bring an item.
First Monday of the Month | February 6th | 6PM | 3695 Laver Court

Poets & Preachers Conference 2017
A three-day gathering with key voices in today’s church and culture – Discover your unique voice, engage culture with creativity, excellence, and wonder, and learn to tell the story of God in the most redemptive ways possible.
February 16-18th, 2017 | Register online at www.poetsandpreachers.com